Conference poster: Developing an integrated research program for the study of Occupational Science through the lens of play

Poster presented at SSO:USA Conference 2021 (Society for the Study of Occupation, USA).
The P4PLAY is an innovative joint doctoral programme, established in 2020, as a collaboration between 4 academic and 15 partner organisations in Europe and the USA. The overall research goal is to develop new knowledge on the occupation of play and play deprivation; the impact of physical, socio-cultural, and policy environments on play provision; and the development of solutions to address barriers to play provision in diverse community settings. This research responds to the societal challenge of ensuring health, well-being and equality for children (UN Sustainable Goals 3 & 10). Expected outcomes aim to benefit children, families, and communities. PhD students are conducting individual projects addressing four fundamental areas of play (People, Place, Policy, Practice [P4Play]) with eight study themes.

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